How to Change the Direction of Your Career

Any individual who is not satisfied with their professional life will at some point consider making a career change; however, this is a very important decision as it involves taking the risk of leaving a steady job to enter a field that might be completely different. When contemplating a career change, there are certain aspects that need to be carefully considered and deliberated in order to make the right decision.

Assess your current situation carefully

Many individuals find that they are not satisfied in their current job. Feeling frustrated with colleagues and not enjoying the tasks assigned to you are clear signs that you are not happy in your job. To assess the situation subjectively, individuals are advised to keep a journal of their daily reactions and interactions at work; seeking out themes and recurring issues in order to find out exactly what is impeding their job satisfaction.

In the event that it is a certain individual that is causing the frustration and ill-feeling at work, it is best to resolve the problem by confronting your colleague or reporting them to HR. However, if your actual job tasks are causing the distress, a career change is probably a better solution than being unsatisfied in the workplace. In order to find out which career suits your needs and requirements better, make a list of your skills, values and interests. Through identifying key interests, you are able to find which field or industry caters to your needs best.

Consider your options

Once you have determined which career you would like to pursue, whether it is a change from sales to marketing, you need to conduct some research and find out exactly what skills you should be acquiring in order to successfully obtain a new job. Individuals seeking a career change should evaluate their decision before they terminate their current employment as this can have detrimental effects on their career.

One of the steps in deciding a new career direction is shadowing a business professional in your chosen field. Even if it is for a couple of hours, shadowing an individual will enable you to get an idea of their daily tasks and responsibilities.

Learn new skills

It is advised that individuals should try and obtain as many transferable skills as possible. Additionally, any opportunity where you can learn and experience new skills should be availed. For example, in making a change from sales to marketing, an opportunity to learn the ropes of software and graphics would prove to be useful.

It is important that you do your research into the new field before you decide to give up your current job. A career change may be what you need in order to regain motivation and focus in your career.