The Top Ways to Look for a Job

There is no denying that the current jobs market is a tough one, and many countries across the globe are battling with some of the highest unemployment rates in years. Recent graduates are struggling more than ever to step onto the career ladder, and statistics suggest that in some countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find employment in an industry that you are skilled in and passionate about. 

There are a number of techniques that can be adopted to enhance one’s chances of finding work. Whilst web-based job boards are useful in establishing what jobs are available, and which industries have employment opportunities, applying through online job boards alone is not advisable. It is more beneficial to use a variety of job hunting methods and creative approaches to landing a job in order to improve your chances of being hired.  

Making use of the internet

The internet offers countless opportunities to search for job postings and to post one’s own CV. Other benefits include searching for companies’ contact details and emailing the relevant persons with your CV and cover letter, which can be done even if a job is not advertised. Many people have been successful in this approach, as speculative CV applications can result in a call back for a meeting with HR.

In addition to the above, numerous recruitment sites enable you to upload your CV and create a personal profile. Many of these sites are regularly checked by CEOs and hiring managers, and candidates are often headhunted this way.

Other common techniques that can be adopted include mailing out CVs together with the emailed version, and answering advertisements that appear on professional or trade websites.

Using print media

Making use of print media is also useful in finding employment. Newspapers and trade journals often feature an entire section dedicated to job vacancies.


 Networking is a highly useful technique as it enables you to create contacts that could prove to be valuable when it comes to finding a job. Ask former teachers and lecturers for any job-leads they may be aware of, as well as family members, friends and other professionals. Make full use of the connections you have made, ensuring that you do not pass an opportunity to ask the people you have made connections with if they know of any employment opportunities.  

Recruitment agencies

Signing up to recruitment agencies can generate useful leads, as many job vacancies are not publicly advertised. Once you have signed up to a recruitment agency, it is important to maintain communication with them and ensure that they are aware of your latest employment situation on a regular basis.

One of the most crucial factors when looking for employment is to not give up the search. Looking for a job can be an exhausting and often de-motivating, particularly after months of searching and countless rejection letters. The most important factor is to not abandon a job hunt; people are not going to look on your behalf and there are many other people experiencing the same disappoint. In due course, your persistence will pay off.