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Perioperative Assistant - 40 Hours, D/E, Weekend Rotation

Posted on Jan 14, 2019 by Boston Medical Center (BMC)

Boston, MA 02118
Health Care
9 Jan 2019
Annual Salary
Perioperative Assistant
Under general supervision, assists in the clean-up if the operating rooms and associated surgical areas, and associated surgery related areas with the clean-up and preparation of rooms for surgical procedures. Maintains safe and sanitary environment on the Operating Room by performing cleaning and disinfecting tasks, proper storage and handling of equipment, and stocking supply according to hospital/department; policy and procedures.
Reports to and receives direction from Nurse Manager at beginning of shift. Assists the Charge nurse or nursing managers with various resources as requested. Demonstrates ability to organize time evidenced by completion of work assignments within shift. Performs assigned duties to assist the nursing staff in safe, efficient delivery of patient care.
•Identifies and transports patients to and from nursing units, Radiology, the Emergency Department, Dialysis Unit, treatment/testing areas, and/or operating rooms; maintains patient's privacy, safety and dignity while performing these duties.
•Transports isolation patient, utilizing appropriate techniques.
•Transfers patients to and from bed and stretchers to operating room tables.
•Assures comfort and safety of patients and directs questions to the appropriate person.
•Performs clip preps, holds extremities during surgical preps, lifts, moves and assists in positioning of patients utilizing proper body mechanics and maintains proper body alignment
•Attends to the immediate needs of the surgical team during surgery as directed by the circulating nurse.
•Transports blood, blood products, tissue and specimens to O.R. following correct procedures.
•Follows isolation protocols per hospital policy in conjunction with professional staff.
•Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures utilizing standard precautions.
•Responds promptly to O.R. overhead pages and emergency situations (including "code" situations) in the OR to transport specimens, facilitate telephone messages, replace emergency equipment as needed and retrieve equipment.
•Makes up O.R. beds for each use.
•Is familiar with location and use of unit emergency equipment such as EKG, oximetry machines, crash carts, oxygen cylinders, outlets and related tubing.
•Utilizes EPIC to document room clean up start and stop times

Assists in maintaining a clean, sanitary and safe environment
•Maintains the cleanliness of specialty and general equipment in all perioperative areas. Routinely maintains a safe and clean environment in the hallways, OR rooms, offices, lounges, supply areas, holding area, scrub sinks, refrigerators and bathrooms including routine sanitation.
•Promptly cleans and handles turnover of the OR rooms between cases and at the end of the day, including but not limited to terminal cases, scrub and sub-sterile rooms, including lights, cords, Mayo stands, etc., and other support areas utilizing decontamination techniques in accordance with department procedures and practices.
•Performs spot cleaning or assistance with spills of blood, body fluids or irrigation.
•Disposes of soiled and/or contaminated materials; disposes of and/or cleans non-critical equipment and supplies from previous case.
•Disposes of contaminated materials in accordance with hospital procedures and protocols. Empties trash receptacles in all perioperative areas. Replace sharp receptacles.
•Cleans work areas and equipment rooms which, may include, terminal cleaning of the operating, scrub and sub-sterile rooms, isolation rooms, including lights, cords, Mayo stands, etc., and other support areas utilizing decontamination techniques in accordance with department procedures and practices.
•Applies sanitizing techniques essential for optimal operation of operating room equipment. Follows hospital protocols and guidelines regarding the disinfection of equipment. Moves around the O.R. room without contaminating sterile field.
•Initiates clean-up of biological spills according to procedure.
•Disposes of contaminated materials and waste according to hospital policy.
•Observes environmental hazards such as spills, non-functional equipment, and noxious odors. Reports hazards to appropriate persons and initiates corrective action within the scope of her/his role.
•Promptly reports monitoring alarms such as door alarms, med gas, blanket warmer and electrical alarms.

Maintains effective inventory control system
•Monitors and maintains turnover supplies. Restocks items in each room and in the Core as requested. Empties dirty linen hampers. Stores clean linen in a limited amount on the linen cart and in each OR room for turnovers. Maintains and organizes the equipment storage areas. Monitors the par levels of all trash bags, laundry bags, specimen containers and reports low par levels to the charge nurse.
•Restocks the soaps, the prep hand-cleaners, the masks, the shoe covers and the caps in all Operating Room areas. Checks and restocks warming cabinets. Restock warmers with blankets and saline as needed. Restocks the clean and dirty utility room.
•Obtains various equipment for upcoming surgeries including carts, video equipment, and positioning devices as requested by supervisor, nurse manager or medical staff.
•Transports, retrieves and delivers equipment, supplies, specimens (including "STAT" specimens), reports, and any other items to and from storage areas and patient care units, as directed by nursing/unit staff and as needed.
•Orders and stocks supplies following standard procedures
•Retrieves and transports supplies from Materials Distribution Center.
•Places oxygen, nitrous oxide and nitrogen tanks in proper closet, utilizing correct safety measures. Other duties Prioritizes and organizes routine contact with all patient care areas to facilitate transport of equipment, specimens and/or supplies; assists the unit coordinator in the efficient coordination of unit activities when necessary.Assists in the set-up of equipment.Answers the telephone in a courteous manner.Conforms to departmental requirements for annual health screening by documenting evidence of immunities and tuberculin testing.Adheres to dress code, safety and policy/procedure requirements, and standard precautions.Establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships with patient/family and other hospital personnel.Is consistently punctual and shows a responsible and dependable pattern of attendance and adherence to hours of work requirements.Participates in staff meetings, department/unit initiatives, quality improvement projects and cost containment activities as needed.Adapts to changing patient and unit needs including but not limited to offering assistance to other team members, floating, adjusting assignments, etc.Conforms to hospital standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights, so that the best possible customer service and patient care is provided.Has retrievable knowledge of fire rules and location of alarms and extinguishers.Assists, as necessary, in orienting new personnel.Attends in-service training programs and other relevant courses for professional development.
Performs other duties as needed Knowledge & Skills: Must be detailed oriented and able to read, write and understand specific instructions in English.Effective verbal and written communication skills in order to work with various clinical personnel, resolve problems and to properly identify and label supplies for inventory purposes.Requires observance of "Standard Precautions" by wearing protective clothing, gloves, goggles, and the observance of safe handling practices.Ability to stand and walk for extended periods in the process of operating equipment, arranging instruments trays, and equipment carts, conducting inventory of; and dispensing supplies.
Ability to push/pull carts of instruments and/or equipment.Multilingual skills (beyond that of English) in languages appropriate to the patient populations served by Boston Medical Center are preferred.Proficient computer skills #IQ Category: Healthcare , Keywords: Operating Room Nurse

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